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The following information has come to me about possible ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War. There were many Eyman patriots. I'm not sure how many people are involved in records, and am currently seeking information that would help us tell "who's who". Obviously some of our Eymans took fines for not performing in the Revolutionary War. We can't determine as yet whether some were conscientious objectors, as were many Mennonites and German Baptists of the day, or if some were disillusioned veterans with bad experiences who didn't want to involve themselves in more war. This in fact seems to the the case for some of our Upper Paxtang patriots. The Jacob and Christian of Upper Paxtang, after early service in 1775 seem to have gaven up the effort. Or is the Christian the same one who served from Cumberland? Is that why his fine is for less than the fine received by Jacob?

Tax and Census records point to two clusters of Eymans in the Lancaster area during the revolution. A brief summary of information may help.

A Jacob Eyman <1725> arrived 1749 and was first observed in Philadelphia County in that year. A Jacob Eyman appears for Upper Paxtang in 1769, with census records and tax roll involvements through 1779. He is thought to have had two sons, a Christian and a Jacob who later resided in Hardy Co of today's WV. Jacob "Jr." married Barbara Jones in 1787 at the First Reformed Church of Lancaster. A recent publication by Henry Peden describing Lancaster Patriots indicated that in 1775, three Eymans joined James Murray's company of the 4th Battalion. Shown in militia lists are Jacob Eyeman (1), Jacob Eyeman (2) and Christian Eyeman. It's possible, though not proven, that with the Jacobs we have a father and son pair.

An Ulrich Eyman (cousin of Jacob above) arrived in American in 1764 and soon died. His eldest son Christian <1740> inherited the lion's share of a modest estate and is found in records for Conestoga for 1770, 1771 and 1772 as a freeman. He is also listed in Conestoga for 1779, but not in 1780. He is thought to be the Christian Eyman buried at a private farm (Fehl's) in Conestoga in 1822.

In 1790 a Christian Eyman again appears in Conestoga census and other records, including several land transactions. The 1790 census shows 2males>16, 1male <15, 2females, with the 1800 census showing the strange mix of 2males<10, 1male 10-16, 1male 16-26, 2males >45,1 female <10, 1 female 26-45, 1 female >45. Family lore has posited a Christian Eyman of <1760> who married a Susan (there are records for a wedding with a Susan Heiss, others contend he married a Susan Graybill without providing solid documentation). This Susan and her Christian seem also to be buried in the same Conestoga farm mentioned above (Fehl's), providing death dates closer to 1834.

There have been DAR applications accepted for this (these) Christian Eyman which I think have confused the generations. See notes below.

No one seems to know the origins of this Christian Eyman <1760>. He may be the son of the Christian <1740> mentioned above, though the appearance of that Christian as "freeman" as late as 1771 and 1772 makes it seem doubtful. He seems not to be the Christian Eyman who went to Hardy since that Christian was also involved in substantial real estate activity. Some posit a new immigrant; a grandson of the original Ulrich. The Hardy "Christian" lived adjacent to the Jacob Eyman proven to be of Paxtang; these may well have been brothers, and sons of the Jacob of Upper Paxtang. Jacob and Christian in Hardy are joined in the 1790s by Peter Eyman (also served under Captain Murray; therefore likely a younger brother and also from Paxtang), and an Abraham Eyman <1767> too young for a service record.

The above portrait points to a situation of three Christians, at the least (<1740> son of Ulrich, <1760> son of Jacob/Paxtang, <1760> Conestoga Eyman). Unfortunately, there may have been more, though tax and census records don't point in this direction. I'm tracing a deed in Cumberland county with the 1770 sale by a Christian Eyman of Bethel Township. This may turn out to be the Christian of Paxtang, and suggest that he was born earlier than thought.

To add to the confusion there is a late military card for a Christian Eyman of Cumberland County; an area Eymans aren't know to have lived, though an area where land was sold in 1770 by the Eyman of Bethel Township noted above. Again, this may be performance later in the war by the Christian of Paxtang who has migrated out of the Lancaster area on his path to West Virginia?

In addition to the above confusion related to the number of Jacobs, and the number of Christians, there are also military card files for Peter Eyman, who I believe to be a brother of the Jacob and Christian from Paxtang, and a Henry Eyman, younger brother of Christian <1740> who was about 14 years old in 1765 when his father, Ulrich died.


1-2 Jacobs + 1 Christian: Paxtang

1. Title: "Revolutionary Patriots of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 1775-1783" by Henry C. Peden, Jr published by Willow Bend Books, Westminster, Maryland in 2000, pages 82 and 83. This book apparently involves data from PA Archives Series 2. (NB: duplicate listing)

"Eyeman, Christopher, Private, Militia, Capt. James Murray's Company, Col James Burd's fourth Battalion, March 13,1776, having gone into service in Nov or Dec of 1775 and present at the battles of Trenton and Princeton.

…...Eyeman, Jacob, Private, Militia, Capt. James Murray's Company, Col James Burd's fourth Battalion, March 13,1776, having gone into service in Nov or Dec of 1775 and present at the battles of Trenton and Princeton.

Eyeman, Jacob, Private, Militia, Capt. James Murray's Company, Col James Burd's fourth Battalion, March 13,1776, having gone into service in Nov or Dec of 1775 and present at the battles of Trenton and Princeton.

Eyeman, Jacob, Private, Militia, Capt. James Murray's Company, who lost his pouch and horn at 'the reduction of Fort Washington on November 16, 1776'

Eyeman, Jacob, Took the Oath of Allegiance in the town of Lancaster (name of the Justice of Peace not given) in Nov 1778 (name first spelled eylman, then corrected)."

4. Henry Eyman 1776 service from Lancaster: Battle of White Plains

DAR Application file: Henry Eyman/Eyeman (1) b 26 Jan 1758 Alsace Lorrain, died at Fairfield Co., OH 23 Apr 1850. Wife Mary Sager b. 13 Feb. 1761 at PA married 1782. Children Susan (m. Jacob Kumler), Polly (m. Jack Peebles), Henry Eyman Jr. b. 13 Feb 1788 Lancaster (m. Mary Bryan, b VA 1785, 1811 in VA), Elizabeth (m. Joseph Snider) Henry and his wife Mary Bryan also died in Fairfield Co., Ohio and had father Henry and mother Mary Sager. Henry Jr. had son William Sager Eyman b.1821 in Fairfield, who died 1887. Willam m. Sarah Linville in 1843 and the couple had an Isophena D. Eyman 1821 in Fairfield.

Henry served at the Battle of White Plains as a Private under Captain George Graeff, Samuel Haines Co., and Colonel Cunningham's Co. and Samuel Henry Co., 1st Bat'l Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania. Militia under Co. George Stewart.

(1) DAR Application Number 767532, 1994. References National #413489, #145686, #58450

(2) Battle of White Plains 1776

5. a DAR application for a Christian Eyman (Conestoga).

Note that this Christian and the Henry above may have both served under Captain Henry.

Christian Eyman/Eyeman (2) b 1760 Germany d. Lancaster 6 Sept 1834 (age 74) and his wife Susan Graybill b 1772 (1780?) Lancaster d. Lancaster 01 Mar. 1826 (age 54 yrs). Marriage 1788 (1801?) bur Lantz-Fehl Farm burial Grounds, Conestoga Twp, Lancaster.

Applicant a descendant of John Eyman b. 12 Dec 1793 (1801?) Lancaster, died Wayne CO., Ohio 1847. John married Mary Ann McMillan b. 1794 in 1824 at Lancaster. Died at Frankun, Wayne, OH, buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Wayne

Reviewers note the availability of probate for Christian Eyman. No record provided showing wife; birth date assumes 18 at marriage. Wife not mentioned in 1834 probate.Descendants consistent with 1834 probate, all born Lancaster:

Catherine 1789 m Jacob Harnish at Lanc. Trininty Lutheran church m: 29 Sept 1807

Anna (Nancy) Eyman 18 Jun 1791 m Adam Brenneman m:08 Jan 1811

John Eyman 12 Dec 1793 m Mary Ann Mc Millan 1824

Christian Eyman 11 March 1798 me. Maria Mary Martin m: 15 Mar 1811

Jacob Eyman b. 15 Feb 1805 m Eve Brenneman m: 02 Feb 1832

David Eyman b. 1808 m Elizabeth Bott

Magdalena Eyman (unk b) m. Henry Farrer

Abraham Eyman

Service: 4th Class, of the 1st Battalion of Lancaster Co., PA under Captain Samuel Henry's command. Served as Private with Lancaster County Militia. The service was 1783 which was after he appeared on fine list in 1780-1781. Sources: PA Archives, 5th Series, Vo. 7. p.78-79. See also PA Archives, Series 3, Vol VI, p. 416-417, No. VIII, Captain Henry's Co. 1780-1781, Fall. PA Archives, Series 6, Vol III p.563-564 5th Co., 7th Batt. Capt. Henry, 1784.

Residence during Rev: Lancaster CO., PA Conestoga Township. Found on Lancaster Co. tax list from Conestoga Twp for 1779, PA archives, 3rd Series, Vo.l 17, p. 540 listed as a freeman.

(3) DAR Application Number 786158, 1998.

RELATED NOTE: I once went to the DAR website and asked for a volunteer to do a lookup report on ancestors. I asked for a lookup on Eyman, and was told that there were none, but that in addition to the "Henry Eyeman" noted above, there was an unpensioned "Christian Yeman" <1760> son of Ulrich w/WeiB d 1834 (all matching information). No information was provided about service, and I suspect, but don't know that the "Yeman" was a contemporary error on the part of the volunteer (Eyeman), vs. a listing for "Yeman".. though a quick check might be interesting (very low priority issue)

6. Peter Eyman and patriot

Peter Eyman (3) b. 6 Jun 1762 Lancaster do. Fayette Co., Ohio 19 Feb 1844 m Hannah Whetstone (b 1768) in Hardy 1787. Hannah died 1842 also in Fayette.

Applicant is a descendant of Catherine Eyman, b. 1792 Hardy, who m. James Bryant in 1812 at Fayette Co, Ohio. James Bryant had been born hardy 1787. R. S. Dill's 1881 History of Fayette Co, Ohio includes information on Hannah Whetstone on p. 848. Marriage records for Peter and Hannah are cited in the same book on p 848.

Chldren: Abraham b: 8 June 1789 m. Phebe Harper; Elizabeth m. Solomon Bonner; George m. Hannah Peterson; Christina m. John Barker; Catherine b: 1792 m. James Bryant; Peer m. Susanna?; Samuel b: 11 Jan 1797 m. 1) Elizabeth Rodgers, 2) Malinda Brown; Jacob b. 4 Dec 1798 m. Phoebe Hopkins; Sarah m. Samuel Stuckey; Susannah b. 1805 m. Jacob Painter; Mary b. 1807 m. ? Stokey

Peter served as a private in the Lancaster County Militia under Captain James Murray. Reference PA Archives; Series 5, Vol 7, p. 1030-1031

(3) DAR Application national 670335 10/1982

PA Archive "card files"

Below please find the PA Archive "card files" which were found at digital archives available on the web. These add the card for a Christian/Christey (etc.) for Cumberland; data from other cards don't always seem to be consistent with notes above?