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The Eymann name has been traced back to around 80 A.D. According to one line of thought, a highly placed German family chose not to live with the social norms of court life and took a name to symbolize independence, as in "1-man". Those with an understanding of the old German language say "not!". Eyman symbolizes the meadow flowers appearing in the historical family crest; an "Ey" representing meadowland along a stream. A farm thought to be the original land of Eymans exists in the Alfausen area of Germany. In the 1500s or so sons are said to have taken to the winds to develop branches of the family in Russia, Sweden, Brazil, and Switzerland. Our branch comes from those Germans who for some reason moved to live near Bern in Switzerland.

The Eyman story in America is a fascinating one of quiet people most often out on the frontier. We've been farmers and Mennonites, Brethren and Baptists, saw mill operators, politicians and professionals. I hope you enjoy what you find here. Please let us know. Please share information since there are so many parts of our story that we don't know.

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