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Individual Record for: Christian Iman (Iii) Eyman (male)

    Christian Eyman+
  Jacob Eiman      Family Record
Christian Iman (Iii) Eyman      Family Record Anna Gerber
  Catherine UNK       

Spouse Children
Catherine (Caty)
  (Family Record)
Catherine Iman
Hannah Nancy Anna Iman
Mary (Polly) Iman
Henry Iman
Jacob Iman
Daniel Iman
Emanuel Iman
Christian Iman
Unattatched Va Imans Eyman
Charles Eyman

Event Date Details
Birth ABT 1760  

A Christian Eyman/Iman appeared in Hardy County of Virginia in about 1786. There are few hints as to his age or origin. This may be the Christian "Eimann" which one LDS IGI record says was born in Lancaster in 1763. Based on the name spelling alon e, this may have been the son of a Jacob Eyman who spelled his name "Eiman" on the boat manifest of the St. Andrews. This dating seems unlikely, however, on sevral grounds. There was a Christian Eyman of Bethel Township (near Upper Paxtang) in 177 1 who was selling land in Cumberland County. One would guess this seller to be at least 20 years old, suggesting a birth closer to 1750. In fact we know that a son of Ulrich arrived with him in 1763 or at least was on hand to receive the estate fo llowing Ulrich's death in 1765. A subsequent deed of sale of the Cumberland land noted that the land adjoined "that of his father acquired of the proprietor at Philadelphia". No evidence of this land appears in Pennsylvania archives explored to da te. But had the father being pointed to here arrived as late as 1763 and died quite soon after arrival, or might the "father" be the Jacob Eyman found in the Upper Paxtang (very nearby) area of the day?

There is an LDS IGI defining a Christian Eimann who married a Catherine in about 1785 in Hardy. Film #2034597.

wife: Catherine (Is this a Catherine Landes of Hardy? speculation from Mc4570@aol.com)

Owned "Iman's Run" just outside of Petersburg. According to some reports he died in WV and was buried in Lancaster Co, PA. Other reports suggest that he moved to Il about 1815?

Mike@aol.com believes that Henry of Ill is son of Christian, nephew of Abraham. "I know this because two of Henry's (my ancestor) sons marry into the EYMAN family of St. Clair Co. Henry junior who marries Nancy EYMAN 14 September 1848 and Daniel w ho marries Catherine Eyman 14 December 1851 both in St. Clair County. Both girls are daughters of Daniel Eyman, son of Abraham. In both cases they were called second cousins, History of Bond Co. IL. So their fathers would be cousins (Henry and Dan iel), and grandfathers (Henry's father (Christian?) and Abraham) would be brothers."


Eyeman, Christopher, Private, Militia, Capt. James Murray's Company, Col James Burd's fourth Battalion, March 13,1776, having gone into service in Nov or Dec of 1775 and present at the battles of Trenton and Princeton.

Excerpts from Allegheny Passage: The South Branch Settlement - a history of PA, Emmert Bigginger

The Eyman (Iman, Inman) Family

The Eyman family has been referred to on several occasions, and a brief treatment here will suffice. The family was of Swiss origins and of Mennonite faith in the Seventeenth Century. On the South Branch, many of them were Brethren. Some Eymans li ved in Lampeter Twp., in Lancaster C., PA. Land grant records for Hardy County show Christian Eyman purchasing land in 1790 and again in 1791, a total of 595 acres. Christopher Eyman purchased 30 acres in 1793. The name of Christian Iman appears i n 1788 on the Hardy County Tax rolls. Christian Eyman settled about three and a half miles south of Petersurg near a place now called Imans Run, and he was a neighbor of the Landes, Deterick and Judy families.

A possible ancestor is Christian Eyman born in 1701. He married a Garber. The family of Elder John Garber of Flat Rock Church in Shenandoah County, Va., had close connections with the Landeses and Eymans of South Mill Creek, and this suggests anci ent connections among their respective families.

The children of Christian Eyman, as far as is known, were Jacob, born 1725, Barbara (1727), Fronika (1729), Christian (1736), and Katherine (1742) (C. C. Eyman papers) In Hardy County, the Eymans intermarried with the Hyers, Stuckeys, Whetstones , Peacocks, Powers, Petersons and Lundes families. Each of these families had units which belonged to the South Branch congregation.

Peter Eyman, born Aug. 6, 1762, married Hanna Whetstone of Hardy County. They migrated in 1810 from Hardy CO., W. Va to Fayette Co., Oh., where he is mentioned in the History of Fayette County, by D. S. Dills (1881) as being settled on Whetstone R un and as being German Baptist. In the Lea Kersting papers, he is described as "an Elder in the Dunker Church." He died in 1844 and Hanna died in 1842. His son, Peter, also a Brethren minister, settled in Ross C., Ill and then moved to Carroll Co. , Indiana. He later advocated variant practices in the church which were rejected by Annual Conference. He then organized the "New Dunkers" (Brethern Encyclopedia, 463-464).

Abraham Eyman, born in 1767, said to be the son of Abraham who immigrated to this country at the age of 14, married Susannnah Whetstone of Hardy County, W. Va. They moved in 1797 with their two sons to what is now Monroe Co., Ill. In 1810, they mo ved to St. Clair County. He was a blacksmith. They had a total of twelve children, and wre described in the County Portrait and Biographical Record as a "Dunkard" family (271) (The information concerning Peter and Abraham Eyman was generously shar ed by Mrs. Donald Taylor of Alexandria Va.).

Jacob and Barbara Eyman moved to Westmoreland Co., PA. On June 14, 1809, they signed papers releasing their 131 acres of land in Hardy Co., W. Va., to Dunker, John Tetrice (Deterick) who is believed to have moved from Washington Co., Md. And to ha ve been a son of John Tiler, one of the ministers of the Conococheague Church in 1770.

Nany Eyman married Rudolph Hyer, born 1768. Susan Iman, born in 1808, daughter of Robert and Susan Iman (Eyman) of Pendlemn Co. W. Va., married Dunker Hiram High. They were buried in the Pince Church Cemetery in Hampshire County, near Purgittsvill e. The Pine Church, one of the oldest in Hampshire County, was a meeting place of the Dunkers from around 1814.
Most Eymans moved west, but Jacob and Emanuel, sons of Christian, remained in Hardy Many estimates of age. Johnktr@aol.com suggests 1763.
County. Emanuel stayed on Imans Run, learned English at age 22 and became a teacher, physician and minister, though not Brethren.

George Rubinson, Jr., of Washington Court House, Ohio, commenting on Jesse Eyman, who died over sixty years ago, said "his family had been active in the church (Dunker) here and back in West Virginia.

Timothy Iman has Christina Iman b. 1741 Germany, died 1833 in PA, son of Ulrich 1708-1765 died PA

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