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Individual Record for: Christian Iman (male)

    Jacob Eiman+
  Christian Iman (Iii) Eyman      Family Record
Christian Iman      Family Record Catherine UNK
  Catherine (Caty)       

Spouse Children
Mary Whiteside
  (Family Record)
Felix Grundy Iman
Rachel Iman
Seth Whiteside Iman
Saphronia Iman
Elias Iman
Lewis Louis
Eliza Iman
Lavina Iman
Emily Iman

Event Date Details
Birth 1799 Place: Hardy Co., VA
Death 1849 Place: Monroe Co., IL
died of cholera

Came from VA at an early age.. James Windsor says that papers upon the death of Chrisley and his wife, Mary in 1850 (with a daughter) suggested that he was 50 years old in the year of his death (1800), and had "hailed from Virginia".

Mormons date Christian Eyman from 1806 in Monroe.. likely Whiteside data. Some think this might be a son of Abraham, though genealogist James Windsor says that those who have seen full list of children say that no Christian/Christopher was among t hem.

Whitlock genealogy has this Christian dated 1790.

Patti Cooper's genealogy identifies this Christian as born 1799 of Abraham Eyman and Susannah Whetstone. This seems unlikely, however, in that Christian is not included in other lists of the children of this couple. A 1799 birthdate would have req uired birth in Monroe County, though Christian was described at his death as having "hailed from VA".

In Monroe County, Il Will Book C there is record of Iman, Christian: Letter of Administration dated 3 Sept 1849, pp 131, 132, and 224 with Administrator: Felix Iman. Bond held by Felix Iman, Jourdan Johnson and Gromelda Whiteside.

Receipt to Felix Grundy Iman in 1749 for wood coffin for Christian Iman.

Purchasers at estate sale for Christian Eyman included Samuel Eyman, other Eymans, Wm. Bradshaw, Shook, James Whiteside, G. Green, A. Brant, Jacob Gall, H Neff, F. Wessel, J. Clover

Jesse Eyman/Fuller of Skamania, and at age 73 thought the pedigree was Christian Eyman Sr. married to a Sarah Katherine Landis, the father of the Christian of Illinois who married Mary Whiteside. Jesse was a descendant of Louis Eyman, brother of F elix Grundy.

Jesse Fuller of Carson suggested that the family hadlived at Harrisonville, Burksville, Springfield,andin St.Louis MO. They also lived at Fults Canyone near Kidd Lake.

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