Iman family notes

Family Connections

Though our primary focus in developing this site is to share information about Imans, our ancestors would not have made it without a lot of help from other strong families. We hope that other families will want to share links or submit material for posting as part of our site.


The Lancaster Eymans are usually described as Mennonite, though some were members of the First Reformed Church of Lancaster, and some were likely Lutheran. Among the most durable of known family links were ties to the Brennemans and Shanks.

The Whitesides

Felix Grundy Iman, who settled Skamania County was the son of Mary Whiteside. The Whitesides are a distinguished American family with many historical notes and connections. Early residents of North Carolina and with strong military credentials, they moved West to Illinois to protect settlers.

The Windsors

Margaret Windsor, though she came from a fine family did not get along well with her step-mother and fled her home in a desperate move. Where else to go but far away? She was one of those rare pioneering women who came out the Oregon Trail alone. The Windsors lost contact with this strong woman for many years, and are very active in tracking their genealogy.



Brenneman/Shank Eymans



Margaret (draft), by James Windsor

Imans of Skamania, by James Windsor