Iman family notes

Eyman migration timeline - Hans Eyman left Switzerland to head to the Rhine in about 1670.

Swiss photos - a collection of photos from the web.

from Hans - genealogy of Adolf Hertzler, who studied many of the Pfalz Swiss Anabaptist families

Refugees of 1671 - Eyman refugees received support from Amsterdam

Palatine Mennonite Census 1664-1793

Swiss/German Beginnings

The Eyman home village in Switzerland is Oberdiessbach, a small mountain village outside of Steffisburg near the Thun sea. Due to religious turmoil, Eymans migrated to the Rhineland in Germany and were supported in part by a Mennonite congregation from Amsterdam. As competent farmers and managers of landed estates, Eymans were religiously active.

Torsten Eymann's web site is rich in old family history and documents.

One of the most fascinating old genealogies of our family is available to the right. The authors did a great job at characterizing the values and history of our people.

A key branch of the Eymann family manages vineyards along the Rhine (Visit them on the web!). Proud of their heritage, they have hosted family reunions of up to 500 people.


A Legion Family (Acrobat Reader Required)|
A heartening rendition of much of family history. Some questionable assumptions about names, relationships, and dates, but a wonderful read.