Iman family notes

The Ray Imans

There's Ray! Both pictures were taken at the family summer home on Camano Island, north of Seattle.
The picture on the left was taken in about 1950.
The shot on the left must have been taken about 1944.
In these years, Ray had asthma, though he cured himself largely
with a nutritional regimen.

Check it out! Barebel (sp?) and Sparky, the family dog.
Barebel was a German migrant who the family tried, unsuccessfully, to adopt.

Infant pictures of Carlotta Esther Cook and her sister, Jeanne. Carla, or "Duckie" married Ray
and mothered the authors of the website.
A collage of Mom in various poses while traveling the world with her sons. The
picture below was taken on Barbados during a visit with the
John Holleys. Mom was a big hit with the sugar plantation owners.